Penny Stock Investing is a Scam

Learn To Become A Daytrader Now-

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Penny Stock Scams
Penny Stock Investing Scams
Scamming Penny Stocks

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518 Thoughts to “Penny Stock Investing is a Scam”

  1. Muna Hariat

    It makes sens what you said. But prove it works for real. If proven, than, I want to be your Student. Thank you for posting this info,

  2. kjkb tv

    I’m broke, so I need help. EDIT: I mean to learn how to trade stocks & make money.

  3. Julie Nielsen

    What happens if u lose? I guess u need to do your research well.

  4. Alchemy N

    you are a fucking idiot. stick to drug dealing instead of pumping stocks to scam artist!

    1. Alchemy N

      you belong in jail. your time is coming.


      oh yes.. so much emotion.. i love it..

    3. Alchemy N

      fuck you mr. “im naked!!” continue collecting welfare checks and food stamps pumper!! you belong in jail.


      Alchemy N Lmaooo triggered

  5. ghostfrequency

    you are wise beyound your years young man but there is always a technical analysis involved of any company just ask warren buffet .other than that good video.


      thank you for your kind words. Ive certainly grown leaps from this video. I no longer buy penny stocks but instead short them and fundamental analysis is now an integral part of my investment strategy.

  6. Jordan Semmel

    I wanna be a firefighter, 24 on 48 hours off, if I do the research on penny stocks can I make some good side cash? I don’t want short cuts but I know I can’t do it everyday

  7. Wank Sung

    I have been personally using this app (Details Here>>>
    ) for the last couple of weeks. Regular people, many of them broke and in debt, now never have to worry about money again. And get this – most of them made their first five figures in only ninety days.?

  8. Joseph Bishara

    It’s incredible how the internet is full of trolls up to no good. But it’s also full of good people who are willing to help others.

  9. Seth W

    Your not as deceptive as tim in order to pull this scam off


      Tim is not deceptive and neither am I. He has changed my life. Took me from practically homelessness to $50k a year to $100k a year and I cant be more thankful. From trading to marketing he’s given me more than I could ever give him. You need wake up and be a part of this new world and stop being a hater who’s just watching other people DO.

  10. JUAN Diaz

    I want to be rich

  11. Raining Killah

    i watch tim syc to get informed i watch this video to get inspired and motivated

  12. Herb Palmer Jr

    getting paid to play the lottery part time

  13. Rich Rod

    nice sofa chair..

  14. Rich Rod

    this is the same guy who work in jtf?

    1. Rich Rod

      lol…am not gonna watch this…

  15. steerpike50

    well said , good vid,

  16. Will Burts

    May God keep blessing you wish we were friend you could teach me

  17. mr meseeks

    OMG i needed this

  18. Donald Grazette

    It is sad bro…People just don’t understand

  19. djwaters22

    some real shit bro. makes me want to hustle that much more

  20. Freeligive

    Thanks for the encouragement man!

  21. breemichelle kelly

    U already ate enough ass for everyone u big ass pot belly elephant ???

  22. breemichelle kelly

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      lmaoooooo triggered! Thanks for watching my shit u stupid black bitch. I get paid for EVERY CLICK, EVERY VIEW. Aint nothing u can say to me to make me mad when you paying me… LMAOOOO! EAT MY ASS BLACK BITCH!

  23. breemichelle kelly

    4k a month is only 50k a year so u dont need to go to college???

    1. Clash Attacks

      breemichelle kelly very ignorant comment… 50k for any one is a good chunk of money

    2. breemichelle kelly

      Bird brain people have the right to look at what u have up take it down if u dont want people looking and no 50k a year will never be any money no matter what age!!!!


      breemichelle kelly I was 22 that was alot off money then. I make 10 times that now. Stop looking at my old shit.

  24. God's Advocate

    Great video.. I am looking to invest

  25. jamesb7777a

    to make $100,000 a day you need a $10,000,000 + trading account….and you can lose $100,000 a day as well.

  26. Joshua O.

    this man is very smart very smart use your 9to5 to fund your stocks all you need now is $57.00 to invest no joke do your homework on the companies you want to invest in just do it brave be brave invest in your future invest in your self.

  27. Christopher Cobbs

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  28. John Macco

    if you don’t do research on the company’s you invest in its to much like gambling. may go up may go down you have no way to make at least a educated guess.

  29. Graph kings / mixtape & logo designs

    who the fuck invests in penny stocks their pump & dumps

  30. tavaristhompson1996

    Hi sal how can i learn penny stocks and where can I paper trade at is there books or DVD

  31. George Favors

    man!!are you refreshing and I am in my seventies

  32. Ervin M H

    I would like to invest on penny stock help me out.

  33. gomenaros

    2:57 30 days * 5 hours a day gives us 180 hours according to this PhD Candidate.

  34. Jaz Dale

    I know this is old but I am just now getting into penny stocks and day trading..I completely get what your saying here.?

  35. Amit Katz

    Hi Sal,
    Question, I have just spent a week studying how to Short stocks.
    I woke up this morning all fired up, my margin account with TD Ameritrade was ready to go, I zero’ed in on the stock I was going to short, it hit the high, I placed the Sell trade and lo and behold a message popped up on the screen saying we do not have this security for a short, it was MARA trading at $0.38
    What now?
    Do I need to move to a different platform?
    Do you know a broker that would allow shorting of penny stock?
    I need your help.

    1. Amit Katz

      Got it.
      Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
      I’ll pick your brain from time to time if that’s OK with you?


      MARA is below 2.50 a share. Most brokers will not allow you to short stocks that cheap. Please learn about the 2.50 rule. You need to short stocks that are higher priced and have consistantly more volumes. 3.00+ with at least 1 million or more trading daily. You could move to suretrader. But again, you need to trade higher priced stocks then higher cover or hold till they one day become .38 cent stocks..

  36. Dilan Browning

    I’m 18 and I’m thinking about it , my last day of school was yesterday.

  37. Dilan Browning

    your right man . your right .

  38. troyatwork

    I really admire your enthusiasm. Hope you have all the success you could wish for .
    Just one thing though .. 5 hrs a day for a month is 150 hrs 🙂 ..

  39. Fullpower H.W.H Hawk

    Having a skill vs college degree, skill always follows you, College you can cheat

  40. James Crock

    your an earthy person, I like you

  41. Alexander Provias

    I am ready!!!

  42. anthony perkins

    its not a scam. I made over $3,000.00 doing it, its not a lot but still its a gain.

    1. kathy qui

      shoot 3000.00 would pay one o my student loans! can you start off with 300?

  43. abbey hames

    This is good advice. It’s either the stock market or selling on Amazon/ebay if you want to go it alone. I’m a Amazon seller using online book arbitrage software and now I’m learning about stocks. There are similarities. I think I can get a better % return selling books on Amazon FBA, but may make more total money selling stocks, if that makes sense.

    1. Max Leaman

      No. It is different. Trading is different. You can learn but it will be very hard. Goodluck.

  44. #MichaelDelgado


  45. Capricornian

    would like to talk want to take the plunge

  46. ThatBlueCivicEk

    Subed real talk just starting out 2

  47. jamil hamed

    I just find you cool I like to learn how I been doing over a year made a little but still can understand it I wish I can master this I idol who can help my email is need help to understand this keep the good work

  48. Ryan Blake

    hell ya man, that’s what I like to hear. still doing good?

  49. GiovanniWisco

    straight facts man! Why i’m trying to put in the work rn while i’m still young! Put in the effort, do what others won’t, so you can do what others can’t.


    Very cool channel on penny stocks. You can’t beat trading stocks. I’ve looked into a ll kinds of businesses and stocks is by far one of the BEST choices out there for working from home. You are so right that not everyone is going to get it and it’s all a matter of choice in life. I like to know what the better choices are…I like to know what the better options are and when I was in college back in the early 90s, I never even thought back then about looking into “ALL” my options. Keep up the good work man!

    “Train tirelessly to defeat the greatest enemy, yourself, and to discover the greatest master, yourself” – Shi Su Yan

  51. Alma Taylor

    Would you invest in MJ stocks ?

    1. Max Leaman

      No. Sorry, trading is very hard.

  52. Isaiah Savado

    who do you start the million dollar challenge with??? and how can I know its legit???……I got a call back from a guy named chris but how can I be 100% sure my 8500 isn’t being scammed

    1. AreuMAD? CuzI'mMohaMAD

      how is it going?

    2. Isaiah Savado

      true…. just don’t know were to start and skyes seems like hes got all the answers I actually bought the silver package “you” were promoting


      why the hell do you want to do his million dollar challenge? Just use the money to make your own million. You dont have to give another man $8500 for the permission to get rich.


    I remember seeing this video about one year ago and its crazy to think this video motivated me so much to go hard in the stock market.Loving you live streams keep them coming bro God bless.

  54. Natural Lover

    This might be a “stupid” question… I’m going to ask OT anyway, do you have to be smart in math to be great in stocks? Or know stocks??
    I’m a mom of 2 and plan to get my degree as an OT (Occupational Therapist) but I’m taking statistics right now and it’s making me become interested in the stock market, I’m good at stats but it’s beginning stats…

    1. Ben Jones

      In order to successfully trade stocks, having knowledge of the markets, and finance in general, is certainly necessary. Unless you are planning to do any technical analysis and predict price trends using charts, advanced math is not really required. During high school and my early years of college I was intrigued by penny stocks and the earning potential that many websites boast, and I ended up losing my initial investment.

      Just want to offer a warning. Of course the enormous gains are possible, but that is only due to the volatility, and something that has a 400% gain can just as easily have a 400% loss. Investing in penny stocks is like investing in a new product or idea, like on Shark Tank, only with a huge difference. Any investor putting money into a startup wants to see the product, hear the pitch, and validate the numbers. Investing in penny stocks is like pulling a name out of a hat and giving them your money. Yes, it could possibly be a great company that has a positive future, but on the other hand, there’s a considerable probability that any given penny stock is a scam, essentially a “fake” company.

      Sorry this is getting so long. My advice, use the stock market simulator on and just practice, trying to learn as much as you can. Also, before investing in any penny stock, or really any company that you’re not familiar with, research the company, and most importantly, don’t invest on hype. The hype in email newsletters and on penny stock websites is all a part of the stock promotion scam. Promoters are paid by the company to push the stock and tell people things like “Huge gains for XYZ coming!” all to get people to buy.

      I hope you and anyone else reads this and finds it helpful. I just want to people to understand the risks.
      P.S. I have a degree in Economics and Business and am currently finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I invest in my free time.


      Natural Lover no not at all. all I have is a basic college algebra background.

  55. Bill H

    I’m not really money motivated. I’m into saving lives. I think that is more rewarding. Before I worked in health care I was in sales. And, right now all you are doing with this pitch is selling sizzle. What is the risks involved? Tell people that. Others like you do. But, hey to each their own, brother. Peace.

    1. TriggAndSides

      Bill H I dont like it if thats what youre adking it has alot of problems

    2. Bill H

      Do you still believe in the kind of capitalism we have??

    3. TriggAndSides

      Bill H what do you mean?

    4. Bill H

      They are. Everyone knows it, and they are able to get away with it, too. Are you loving capitalism? The crony kind?

    5. TriggAndSides

      Bill H not only that but the prices are insanely inflated

  56. Beretta The Lamb!

    Lazy nigga just don’t want to work.

  57. Tony Hampton

    trying to join the group

  58. Zeppelin 11

    are this comment section still alive? I’m looking for good tips about penny stock and how do I start… I am taking path where I ditch my hard-working school time as I see no future in it and right now this penny stock stuff got my attention.i am really glad if you can provide more info

  59. Ms McCoy

    My son has turned me on to penny stock told me to start finding info about…so what ever info you have to share I am ready to learn.


      send me an email at I want to send you information that will help you get started.

  60. Ms McCoy

    Thanks for sharing this info…..where do I start?

  61. siraz rocky

    bro good stuff i loved it.

  62. Reta Robertson

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  63. Detra Lobb

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  64. lemy perez

    good points

  65. Bob Jon!!Man,……When.I.can…But.I’

  66. Dusty Derrik

    click bait ass title lol but great video m8

  67. DeVore Clark

    what are some of those websites i can goto and practice day trading…please and thanks

  68. micky bang-bang

    what about the 99% that lose there ass trading penny stocks …its not for everyone have to do your homework most people are to lazy

  69. Francolin Jo

    Hey Sal what’s your email


      Francolin Jo

  70. Fred Drayton

    can you drop your email address so I can touch bases with you?


    Was surprised how good the content of this video was. Very good points. Much respect.

  72. mr Raysor

    Hey bro im really interested into learning about stocks can you please help. Im 31 and i hate my 9-5.. wat is the platform you use

  73. pierre1122

    good advice,; study,study ans study,learning!!!

  74. Lilian Lopez

    Hi Sal, would you teach me how to trade? i have never ever, ever done this…

  75. Daniel Godfrey

    Hey bro you seem like a good bloke aye, my name is Daniel I’m 21 and from aus. I was hoping you could layout the state of the aus otc market? I don’t know if that terms applies but yeah, my question would be would a broker let me trade in otc and option’s for the us market.. I have never traded before bro really want to figurethis out. I want to learn, where do I start? I can’t affors to pay for premium training N that but if it is comprehensive the most I could would be like $100 bro.. I get less than $400 a fortnight to love on currently.. i would love to get some guidance, man.. my life is on the rocks atm :/ my instagram is @stubbornstubz_

  76. dave vinci

    Bro how can I trade.. I’m not in the UK I’ve been trying to find an online broker

  77. Mr Rosner

    The money you make when investing in penny stock, how and when is it transmitted into your bankaccount? I’ve heard that the scam is not the actual digital profit but the actual delivery of the money. I apologize if I sound very elementary (I Am) in my question.

    1. Max Leaman

      You are hearing shit. Whoever told you that is a fucking lier, if it was your parents its cause they don’t want to try and trade. Of course it isn’t a scam. Its regulated with the government and you pay taxes on it. The reason people say its a scam is cause they trade and lose all their money cause they dont know what the fuck is happening.

    2. Mike Fu

      When you sign up for a Trading account, you’re opening a Bank account with them too. You put money into the account, that’s what you Trade with. When you make money on a Trade, the money is added to your account….or you can route your profits to an Outside account. But the WHOLE POINT of trading, is to make More money, and KEEP that money in the trading account, because the more money, the MORE buying power you have, the Less hard you gotta work to make money.(as long as you’re not stupid, lol)

  78. Los Charlies

    At the rate i’m going, I’m going to need to find a real job soon. Sucks to be stupid.

  79. j j Cade

    great video thanks

  80. pepelepew02

    Hi. This video is from 2013. Just wondering…are you still trading?


      pepelepew02 of course man.. look at my newest videos. I’m doing what I love and plan to do it for the rest of my life.

  81. Moto GP

    Your affiliate link is a fucking scam! How about making some $$$ actually trading stocks!


      I make alot of money making stocks since this video. This was over 3 years ago. But Ive been contacted by Tim Sykes, Etrade and some of the other big service companies who want to use my influence to build their brands. Im not going to turn away the money. thats stupid.

  82. Hokus Pokus

    “you working for someone dreams ”
    damn it’s soo true ;(

  83. Mario Zarate

    I am 17 years old like many of the guys watching this and I am definitely picking up a lot of what this guy is saying. My dad owns his own small business and I am about to go to college. Making money from these simple concepts seems like it can be my thing.

  84. bnsf 9994

    booboo ass click bait

  85. falco quaaden

    This home boy is right

  86. Random Weirdness

    Respect bro

  87. dragonbaobao

    Dress up and find a decent place, so people would think you are for real. Don’t scam people to watch your video with a phony title either. What a joke!

    1. Alfred Horg

      I agree. Here is a trash dump worker who beat the best investing minds of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia for ten years while crawling through MUD:


      Why does he have to “Dress Up” to prove he is making money? most people in Suits are crooks at the end of the day… I can put on a tuxedo and do a video and be broke…..Cut it out

    3. Joseph Park

      Shamika Edwards Amen brother.

    4. Shamika Edwards

      why does he have to buy an expensive place just to satisfy you? This is what’s wrong with people in today’s world. Material things dont mean a thing. As long as he is comfortable where he is now and financially who are you to judge? lol

    5. Dean

      dragonbaobao true, but this time I am not feeling sorry.

  88. rachel scott

    I’m using a ifx demo account app on my phone. They gave me $2,500 to start out with. Now I have $6,631.46. My email is what company are you working with? Please let me knows.

    1. rachel scott

      +Louis Zaza
       If you want to make real money you have to live like in united kingdom, Uganda etc. it has a list when you register for a demo account but make sure u dont put usa cause they dont do USA location. You can put UK and they will let you use a demo account with $25,000 vitiual funds to trade with. But not for USA. Go to 

    2. rachel scott

      the name is city index group.

    3. PJ

      rachel scott can you please tell me the name of the demo account?

    4. Louis Zaza

      rachel scott how do I sign up for the demo account if is really helpful to you please

  89. Robert None

    Thanks for keeping it real Sal. Always like your perspective

  90. mercedes smith

    *_Anything like this app can’t stay free for long and they are planning to charge some amount of fee for the signing up when the app (_**_**_ ) reaches certain number of members. You need to sign up before that because it is free and even if you aren’t satisfied than at least you haven’t paid any fee for it._*

  91. James Wyss

    *I was losing whole a lot of my time and money, and I didn’t know what I could do that can get out of that horrible situation. (**** ) saved me because I was fortunate enough to hear about it from a friend of mine who has years of experience in binary option trading and he has literally checked out every app in the market.*

  92. Leo Castro

    Good point, keep up the good work

  93. Monica Lyons

    And what’s more sad is they act like they don’t see no etrade or no stock brokers in they city smh



  94. Platus Vyzei

    i’m ready! i need your lesson

  95. Fishes worst enemy

    Hey, what website do you use for penny stocks? I’ve started researching this industry, because like you said, I don’t want a 9-5 job earning 10 bucks an hour once I graduate high school.

  96. young smooth

    Whats a good website or program to start?


      send me an email at ..if u know how to use torrents. i will send u some free dvds

  97. Yaras Jenny

    What’s a good website to practice?

    1. Ryan

      I use stock wars, its great. Gives you 100k to start with and updates alot.

    2. THE AMERICAN INVESTOR SHOW or download “Stock Trainer” app for andriod or apple

  98. sean mahoney

    Have you thought about applying your strategy/approach to currencies in the forex market? Besides the obvious huge potential upside of some penny stocks, what is it about that market that appeals to you? Do you use leverage when trading penny stock, or 1:1? It seems forex is much more scaleable once you establish a winning approach, being able to use 50:1 leverage.


      I’ve tried forex.. Put $1000 in it and my position slowly went to nothing. I personally think its a losers game. You dont have all the information. Banks have 100+ economist in a room trying to figure out with data sourced from around the world in real time and all you have is yourself. You cant compete. Plus they get better prices than you!

  99. Glop1298

    I love you man. Thank you for making this amazing video. It really woke me up.

  100. DJ - Rocket Man -

    im 17 and i play marketwatch everyday i quit my job and my friend and i discuss stcoks i made a game where i started with $10,000 and im at 68,000 already but lost some but i learn from my mistakes

    1. Kiingtrell D

      Dark Rayne I’m 18 years old and I want to say great job! anyway you could be able to teach me lol, I’m struggling right now

  101. Shalintha Don

    hey man help me out. how can i start to study finance?

  102. Delquin Jones

    Not what I was expecting but thanks

  103. Earthbound

    But how are you making such a STEADY income? Don’t you have lapses?

    1. Earthbound

      Goals. Thank you!


      sure..there are down months but there are also months where you just did everything right and you made double, triple what you usually make. I keep my expenses very low and also do a little bit of affliate marketing on the side to keep income from different sources coming in. But once you realize what you are doing, you’re always going to be able to make money.

  104. Dale Woods

    _The most reliable and time saving auto trading software has to be this >> __ auto-trading tool because of its amazing ability to give results beyond imagination, and you’ll be surprise to see how easy it is to use this app._

  105. Donald Barbour

    *I wouldn’t have said this if I hadn’t experienced it myself but because I’ve used it, I can call this == > **** the best auto trading software in the market because it got more than I expected from this app.*

  106. Programming Things

    Hey man, keep it like this bro

  107. yup yup

    What I need to know is how does getting taxed work ?? How do you do taxes for this

  108. digitalbots

    hey man over this weekend all i have been doing is reading up and watching penny stock videos. Thanks for being honest about stocks!


    I’ve always wanted to learn the stock market game but was to scurry to jump in.. This was very inspirational thank you .

  110. Jackie Fernandez

    Bro I am so tired of this 9-5 scam.. Thank you so much for this wisdom bro I am down. You are so right some one said ‘If you do not build your own dreams someone else will hire your ass to build their’s’…Unfortunately as much as I don’t want to admit this, This is soo true. I have been building someone else’s dream and for decades, broke ass life. I am sooo done mentally physically soo done. I’m ready to learn. bro I will be following your videos. How can I send you a message?

  111. Jacob Kaneshiro

    Learn to trade penny stocks. Not investing for the long run.

  112. Ruben Morales

    I want to learn more about finance and practice trading penny stocks. Do you know a good place for me to start?

  113. CognacQ

    Where are some of the places I can practice day trading, if you don’t mind me asking.?

    1. Rich Montana


    2. CognacQ

      Is there a minimum fee to join or is it only a practice app?

    3. Emanuel xeg

      you can use trading 212 . they also have a app

  114. Bruno Desousa

    which site can i practice?

  115. tommy Lelvis

    i very poor and need help God Bless you

  116. michaelatw86

    Oh, you’re doing something. You’re engaging in a corrupt, unethical system. Being in denial of that is your responsibility.

    1. Max Leaman

      I think he was hating on the stock market lul what a bum.

    2. StartSoftie

      +The Small Cap Millionaire man I’m young and I want do something in my life I have $50 and a dream can you help me with that?


      Absolutely ridiculous. Sir, I buy stocks under $10 a share and make profits on short term swings. Its easy to learn and do. Take your time and study it for yourself.

  117. Daniel Koshy

    Sal, you steaming tonight?


      Ivan I do not stream on wed..thats my one day off

  118. Mizeemix

    Hatters.. Always going to hate. Your giving good information and if nothing else it’s motivational. So let the haters hate and remove the 40 ounces out of the next video.


      +Mizeemix No. Investors all over the world trust US Markets for liquidity and security of their investors. There’s no better and safer place to trade.The first rule of trading is Risk Management. Trading on foreign exchanges as a private investor is just too risky. Buying foreign stocks that trade on US Markets, that I would do.

    2. Mizeemix

      With everything going on in the U.S. have you are you investing in the Foreign Markets now?


      lmaoo much respect Queen. Yes this was many years ago when I was in college. I no longer drink. Thank you for your kind words.

  119. Jesus Marshall

    work twenty years then you die? man you go to heaven first that’s better than anything

  120. Darth Forex Vader

    Thats life

  121. Jeremy Caluag

    You give amazing advice i really appreciate you

  122. Wesam kachouri

    it is a scam bro, your pretty much Gambling with your money, basically your gambling. you have to guess if the company is gonna do good or not.

    1. Max Leaman

      Your sentenced is very rushed. Hence why you know nothing…

    2. Zachariah Scott

      +Wesam kachouri you don’t have to make a million to be a successful trader. your ignorant af, go push carts for Walmart.

    3. Zachariah Scott

      +Wesam kachouri you don’t have to make a million to be a successful trader. your ignorant af, go push carts for Walmart.

    4. Wesam kachouri

      ok than, talk to me when you become a millionare. and then come back to me. have a good day.

  123. Wesam kachouri

    wait im confused?!?! the title says it’s a scam, but he is stating that its a good idea??

    1. Bill H

      Its called click bait.

    2. Che Pirozak-Lillick

      Its called sarcasm bro…

    3. EliTheRealist1

      If you know anything about this guy, you’d know it was gonna be totally the opposite… shouldn’t you be glad it’s not bad news, and that he didn’t confirm your fears.

    4. MeEZ ZE

      its called click-bait buddy..

  124. Jason Al-Rhayel

    Wayne State Warrior

  125. Luke Maple

    Inspiring stuff! Thanks!

  126. Evil RC

    Wow! This video really spoke to me…Thanks for the motivation.

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      If you have an andriod phone, you can use a free app called “stock train”. You can also use the website

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    2. basslinin

      +GhostkillerPlaysMC does the same apply to large cap commodities?

    3. ghost

      +basslinin as Sal states many times people claim the stock market is all luck when they are bad at it.. if you take your time to educate yourself on how to win and cut your losses early when you can’t then there’s no reason that it should all be up to luck…

    4. basslinin

      +GhostkillerPlaysMC elaborate please

    5. ghost

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      study Tim Sykes videos..he has a channel here on youtube.

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    I work seasonal jobs, before through a temp agency and recently hired on company with the temp agency, through agricultural jobs. I put in as much as 84hrs a week, with a 70mi daily drive to work 7 days a week, for as much as 10 to 12 weeks. I am a hard worker, and a man who loves his money and wants to make more. I currently am saving up to gain experience in this, but I want to go into it with a sound mind. I know I am going to have to pay to play, where I am going to pay for an education when money is lost, but I am willing.

    So with all that said, how can I email you and get started in taking in advice with a simple breakdown of what to look for and what to watch? I know I am made for this.

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      i feel you. im 35 and and getting into pennystocks. check out tim sykes and ignore any bullshit you hear about him. he sells plenty of dvd lessons which you can torrent and see that he is a guy that knows his shit and genuinly wants to teach as a living

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      +Zack Attack I appreciate the love man thanks!

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    2. Josiah Bergen

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    3. TheCricketfingers

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    4. Josiah Bergen

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    5. TheCricketfingers

      +Vainglory With Rev Couldn’t agree more! Where would you say is the best place to start? So far I’ve watched a tonne of videos, watched the market, made some watchlists and done some practice trading, but I feel I’m lacking real answers to why stocks moves certain ways.

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    I am wondering how Tim Skyes stuff has helped you.

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      +Matt Dathew if you like it..thats fine. But many dont and I was speaking to them.

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    1. Justine K

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    2. Justin Sylvia

      +Justine K i just started with the minimum of $500 on Etrade. Other brokers have different mininums though so you’ll just have to cypher through them and figure out which one will work best for you.

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      +Snbkr Im speaking to people who work 9 to 5 but know DEEP in their heart this isnt what was meant for them. I was one of those people. I just knew I needed to run ME. I need to live on MY terms. I’d rather make $35 a year and have my life than make $70k and never see my family or be able to take whenever i want off.

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      +jarrod barkley I’ve been making a commission for years. Its quite obvious.

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    2. Cola -

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      +Matt Htew Now you can start now. Just open a TDAmeritrade account and get started.

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      +jarrod barkley Dude whats your problem? whats wrong with being an affliate? You act like making money is wrong or something. U some type of communist? lol This is America. EVERYTHING is about the transfer of goods and services for MONEY.

    3. jarrod barkley

      +Eric May ask small cap about the real cash he makes by being an affiliate for tim sykes

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  189. Amaz Ingman

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      Furthermore, what does me being half white have to do with anything, huh! Do you mean the fact that I am educated or what. I graduated from NU and I have Masters from WU and Devry and yes, my Dad paid for them SO WHAT!

      My post was about picking on Aaron to leave Millionaire alone. Yet, I find it funny how you can pick on me but do not have to the courage to pick on him that was originally denigrating, debasing, and trying to debunk Millionaire’s Penny Stock Plan.

      Finally, what do my comments have to do with you being on board with Millionaire’s Plan or Subscribing to his Youtube – we do not work together, that is just a cope out and lame.

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      Dezdezigns you need to chill with your reverse prejudice, at least let there be an argument first. Your half white anyways. Haters and white america, really? As soon as their is a white american free college fund, you have your argument started, until then, enjoy your dreams while white america keeps paying their own college bills.

      (now I am a hater! of REVERSE PREJUDICE PEOPLE!!!)

      UNSUBSCRIBED from +The Small Cap Millionaire


      +dzdjewelry Dezdezigns fuck the still getting money..and they still watching..

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    1. He buys into a small company trading for a low value (typically a sub penny or sub dollar stock)
    2. He then must market this company on the internet so noobs pick up on it.
    3. When bunches of noobs invest their money the price rises (a significant amount)
    4. He is typically the first to sell gaining the max amount of profit (buying first, selling at peak)
    5. Other people who sell early make some money
    6. People who were caught last buying lose most of their money

    1. Dylon Garrett

      LOL key word “anymore” I don’t care how old it is, I am just making people aware of people like you. The words you used in your video made it obvious that you just pump and dump and I think people should be informed. Hopefully when the people that watched this video here words spoken like this that they know what a pumper is and if it is in their best interest or not.


      +Dylon Garrett I dont pump stocks anymore. Dude this video is 3 years old lmao

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      +Omar Jackson

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      +Advanclife its a great training tool

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      +The Small Cap Millionaire Alright I WILL BE LOOKING OUT FOR IT. I just won 7/10 Trades with Binary yesterday, now I’m looking to study and win more.


      Im putting together a presentation that will explain everything. Look out for that within a week.

    3. Ernest Watson

      +The Small Cap Millionaire Are you conducting any webinars hosting this information if any decided to take action and wanted to know the basics of how to get started. Like, what stock platform do you use, E-trade.


      +Ernest Watson with forex you dont have all the information. The amount of economic data you would need could take month to make a calculated trade. With penny stocks all the info is in the 10k. The companies are very simple and have 1 or 2 products and are rarely affected my macroeconomic events. Its simpler to understand.

    5. Ernest Watson

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    1. sun shine

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    2. Bill H

      You’re are 100% correct. Money motivates a lot of people today. It motivates people to do some crazy shit, too. I wan’t more than that. Peace.


      +jarrod barkley Man I dont even trip anymore. I dont have to prove anything to anybody. I make over $3 grand a month just promoting Tim and other products in the financial field like forex. I’ve been making videos since 2012. Those who dont study and trust the process can keep working their 9 to 5. Its your life.

    4. jarrod barkley

      +Xavier Ramirez  wake up kid small cap is making the real cash by posting videos and getting a commission when you buy from sykes good luck

    5. Xavier Ramirez

      +Dylon Garrett I understood what you said initially and I’m in agreement with regards to scams like pump and dump, I don’t think this guy is doing that I mean he will be incriminating himself I say this but I don’t know what his niche really is. He needs to have an strategy to make money but I highly doubt that he is engaging in pump and dump schemes. To know you have to email him. No I’m not ok doing pump and dump scam and will never encourage anybody to do it but you can benefit from it if you know how to watch who is doing it and I think this is probably his area of expertise. . Tim Sykes talks about this in his free videos. regards

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      +Lawrence Jones damn sry Im

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    1. jarrod barkley

      +redcon1gear if you want to get like small cap, just go to the sykes website and sign up to be an affiliate, that’s wher the cash is selling too suckers. I am one of them

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    1. jarrod barkley

      +fallon jones  no he offers a program that he gets paid when u buy it

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    1. wirewoodsongs

      +jarrod barkley Don’t worry all I did was comment on the video. I think he already disappeared. lol. Forgot about him already!

    2. jarrod barkley

      +wirewoodsongs  stay with him and lose some more money honey

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    1. jarrod barkley

      +Meshach Nana Osei  just ask small cap how to be an affiliate with tim sykes bra

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    1. Max Leaman

      Can you shut the fuck up you old fucking faggot. You’re bitching about the stock market in all these comments, Just open an account already and I’ll take your mcdonalds paycheck gladly you fucking lunatic. I could fucking down you on the first stock you pick and wipe your whole account clean and I’ll only have to risk 1% of my capital to do it cause you’re a fucking sheep and a moron. Keep talking shit you old fuck but when you are in the markets I will fucking rape and kill you for your money. Get the fuck out of here bitch ass fgt.

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      You have it right in front of you… Get the book online investing for dummies. That is where I started. It nothing but to get you started!!! You will build your own way of trading. When you practice trading. will get you started. If not get in touch with me, I will be glad to help. No charge here. Lol

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    I have been that person on the side line, looking,studying,reading, dreaming. Enough is enough I need to take the jump


    Look if you dont like my ideas, stop watching my videos. But I was a college grad with shitty job prospects and I wanted to make money. The stock market is a place where if you find your niche, you can make a good living on YOUR terms. FIND YOUR NICHE!

    1. Clique Bae

      What’s your E-Mail Bro? I want YOU to be my mentor and guide me to learn the fundamentals of trading and marketing. Love the Video btw Thank You and God Bless. hope you reply bro looking forward to hearing from you

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    4. superman clark Kent Sr

      CPU FANS Page real talk…. he didn’t…….Byt it’s easy to say do this and do that with no proof…..

    5. God's Advocate

      CPU FANS Page he is doing it so a lonely hater like you would WATCH!

  220. Joshua Franklin

    Dude is on point. I currently trade and those ppl below with negative comments are either really ignorant or simply haters…And we love haters your the best promoters!! Haha

    Keep up the good work bud!!


  221. James Qian

    regardless of if it’s a scam or not, but if people posting here can stop cursing each other, that would be REALLY great!

    making money is beneficial to oneself, and being a gentle and educated individual definitely help the society as a whole!

  222. Ronin 187

    aparently penny stocks are scams

  223. Jack Stringer

    hey i am 15 and i am serious about penny stock trading, and eventually if things work out i might go into Forex trading, but i’m very overwhelmed by all of it and i was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, or if anyone has any good websites that help 

  224. The John Dorian

    a lot of them are useless but saying all of them are a scam is plain wrong.

  225. anythinggoodproducts

    i made 2500 dollars in one month 

  226. E. S.

    very motivational video. TY!

  227. ihsanm

    Is rd ameritrade free to register? I’m trying to learn about stocks. But I want to know what kind of fees are there when you have a brokerage account. Can anyone help?

    1. Dan Gray

      there is no min. to start an account.

  228. Jose Garcia

    dude been checking out your videos and i like everything you say,you are a straight up brother and im lookin into penny stocks i just need a direction,been checking out llots of people but i keep going to you!a cat like you can really help me ,im out there bad man ,im from chicago humboldt park.dude if it’s kool with you i would like to follow you!can one brother to another can you help me in the right direction?hope you see this bro and i hope to here from you dude..till next time like i always say ‘ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER!later dog!!!!!!!

  229. chanpenn c

    Find a stock which is undervalued and you believe it is on its way up then buy its option which is cheaper than buying the actual stock. I option contract will give u 100 shares and 10 will give you a thousand shares. When the underlying stock goes up, your contract price will increase making your option more valuable, then sell for a profit. Im a 21 year old Black female from a poverty stricken backround and learned this when I was 18 and I do not work for anyone and never will. Neither does my 2 brothers and sister. We all live in a very nice neighborhood now. In order to make anything off penny stocks u would have to buy millions of shares and hope the stock has volume and not a thinly traded stock or u will definitely lose your money

    1. Shad GotEm

      Can you help me get started?

    2. GDubs13

      +Abba Okoro depends on the underlying but as traders we love volatility

    3. GDubs13

      Exactly options> penny stocks

  230. chanpenn c

    The only penny stocks worth trading are the marijuana stocks in the pump phase. As far as people making millions, there is no possible way a poor person with nothing can make anything in the stock market. Of course if some wealthy person already has millions, they can easily make more money and become richer. The market is for rich people to get richer. Options contracts are easier and cheaper to trade with more rewards

    1. Percy Sherrod

      +chanpenn c  u said there is nooooo possible way a poor person can make money in stocks…u have allthese American workers who company gives them a 401 k……and what do the company invest the worker money in?  stocks!!   and the worker work there for 20 years and have a nice sized lump sum..u are into options contracts so your opinion is u REALLY think EVERYONE path to money is the SAME as your path??impossible

    2. chanpenn c

      +Percy Sherrod Please don’t feel sorry for me. Ive been trading stocks for over 20 years and have seen them go up and down. As far as my comment… it is true. Penny stocks are nothing but pump and dumps and are not real companies. No big company has ever started as a penny stock. They go up when promoted by a paid advertisers. When people see them artificially get pumped up, they buy and then the people running the scam sell their shares and get out, leaving the other ones with worthless stock which they cannot sell because the volume will be all gone after the dump. There is no possible way an average middle class worker can make millions off the DOW OR NASDAQ market because they have nothing but a small account of a few grand or less to invest. Like I said… the stock markets are a private club for the rich to get richer. However an average person could possibly make a  3 grand a year from some luck day trades or dividend income. Nobody can turn 5 grand into a million. Its a dream!

    3. Percy Sherrod

      +chanpenn c UR BLIND…I fell sorry for u…that’s the beauty of America…even a poor person can buy shares of a company..even a poor person can start accumulating wealth thru wont happen overnight…it WILL take time but ur blind my friend


    5:15 to 5:32 Awww mannn! Why did you have to do me like that,lol? You do make a lot of good sense.

  232. semaj nameloc

    What I cannot take is this on and on convincing me that I CAN do this, but not one word about how it is done!!  I am reading to “shut him down” because he is not giving me any viable information, just this “pep talk” about how you can make money and not one iota of how to do it.  Shut up already!!!!

    1. Percy Sherrod

      +semaj nameloc dude…this 2014…we have the super information highway…we have google….u don’t know how to “research” information on your own….???everthing I learned about stocks and trading came from my OWN reading of books and internet…..get off your black lazy ass and READ something!!!!!


      He talked about it before and other investors as well. Get an account with to Suretrader, TDAmeritrade, Tradestation and other Broker supporters to get a platform. Get an account at a bank, but practice paper trading first to get the skills.

  233. hyper Drapes

    does anyone here have a stock trading accound wiv there bank, im trina open one up! just wondering if they offer stock trading analysis software?

  234. TheJMG13

    nice wayne state hat

  235. Rich Lake

     You are from Wayne State?. I’m at Lawrence Tech, Learning, and Searching, we should meet, I do rentals in and Flips..

  236. James Ram

    Why would you even get a phd

  237. Dwayne Hibbert

    One of the best advice I’ve see on youtube, thanks a lot.

  238. Niners4Lyphe

    So what exactly are you providing?  Motivation, stock trading advice or stock picks?  I’ve successfully been paper trading for about 6 months and I’m just curious.

    1. Niners4Lyphe

      +The Small Cap Millionaire
       So an email to gets your news letter?


      stock picks..thats all I offer.

  239. TJ LSU DAD

    This video is simply beautiful – this young Brother is simply Beautiful. If more of us thought like this instead of trying to become a rap artists or carry a football, we would finally get through the front door of Wall Street. Thank you young man!!!

    1. Niners4Lyphe

      That’s what I always say.  Not that I’m hating on the dreams of those who want to take that path, but the black community needs more options.  Unfortunately, since most blacks don’t have doctors, lawyers, dentists, investment bankers, dotcom entrepreneurs, etc in the family to look up to (like Asians and Jews), most only see entertainment or sports as a way to be successful.

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  242. T Mcgehee

    I like happy penny stocks because I know how to play the pump and dumps.

  243. T Mcgehee

    Lol happy penny stocks is a scam. They get paid to hype companies stocks up. Aka pump and dump. Read the disclaimer after you read a need article happy penny stocks suggests.

  244. Mike Jokis

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  245. yanivy

    kindly post your trades on, prove you make money

  246. Luis Guerra

    buddy…. great video…. this is the TRUTH!  thats what I’m talking about

  247. Jonathan Perez

    Nope not a scam, I’m up almost $15 thousand off a $1400 investment. 🙂

  248. Laith Almas

    is that a Wayne State University hat?! lol

  249. CollegeTalkTV

    Been stock trading for 3 months made about 3 grand off of 4 grand. The Stock market is a scam for people who want short cuts and choose not to do research.

    1. conorhynes101

      youre an idiot, first of all, if you actually knew what you were talking about, you would know that that is called a pump and dump scheme, which is not as common as people think in micro-cap companies. Grow a pair and do some research and you will make it in the stock market.

    2. MarinRayado

      You obviously haven’t heard of Timothy Sykes

    3. Dan Gray

      your an idiot.there is nothing to learn in the otc market.It is basically hyping up a stock by press realeases or chatrooms etc.a stock your in or going to be in first so the other people who you convinse to invest propel you forward while they get left holding the bag! 

    4. CollegeTalkTV

      Yeah I try to stay away from pink sheets.  But I’ve learned a lot so far. Thanks for the advice.


      Im sorry you feel this way. The Stock Market is the fastest way to grow wealth in America. No financial plan is perfect without significant exposure to financial markets.

  250. R.T.E Dixon

    Good Info I’m going to do This! 

  251. Markyess Dyches

    This how I be tellin people, same shit I say to everyone. Sometimes you will make somebody’s salary in just a hour and a half and sometimes you just get 500 in a day… 

  252. FreedomExpress11

    I advise people to really research penny stocks.  Then watch a stock your research points it will do well.  Do not buy, just research and watch for a couple of months then make a decision.

  253. pilgrim985

    I really like what you are saying and plan to invest in penny stocks as soon as I learn a little more. Right now, I am “that guy” who has been with the same company for 20 years with nothing to show for it, I’m sitting my ass at home because I don’t have money to go out and enjoy myself. Out of financial frustration, I came on YouTube today to start learning how to make some real money. You are my first mentor and spark of hope when it comes to financial matters. Thank You!

  254. Kanga

    practice. we talking about practice. not again but practice.

  255. josh militz

    What books, learning resources etc. do you recommend to get started?

  256. Padre-D Productions

    he said terminal lmao

  257. Dradean Eutsey

    Earn free stocks now sign up as an Executive affiliate

  258. mbrola

    amen to all of this

  259. mbrola

    SO this is only the 20th video I’ve watched of yours, but I’ve been hooked since this morning, can you please recommend some sites for practicing penny stock trading?

  260. Tawana Martin

    Whats your email address? 

    1. Tawana Martin


  261. Daniel A Guajardo

    im learning, i got through the skeptical stage and now i cant stop studying quotes and companies> start simple, research, research, research, buy low and on the up after proper evaluation, next be patient and wait to win and cut losses, and you will see.!!! good vid

  262. leroy wofford

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  263. Michael Wentz

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  264. JackieNJ1

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  265. Project Car Problems

    I made 5k in 1 month… Best Feeling Ever!

  266. Mrfantstic D.W.

    I can tell when a brother is keeping it 100 and I believe you man… im just waiting for my tax money so I can start penny stocking… and stack this money.. I don’t have to make millions over night.. I know it doesn’t work like that… but I do know its money out here to be made and ppl are doing it everyday and im ready to get in..

    1. jarrod barkley

      +Mrfantstic D.W.  brother is making a commission off you bro

  267. braza12340

    i sent u a email 😉 
    do u have live videos of u buying and selling? i would love to watch thanks….


      Im a market maker. I’m not a trader per say. I trade on the demand I create. Whatever stock I talk about, I’ve already bought large positions. So watching my screen wont make sense for you. I make you money by bringing in thousands of investors to my pics. Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? The earlier you buy my stock, the more money you make because you got there early. I’m in the process of creating an informercial. So subscribe soon!

  268. max yeah

    arte you willing to teach me how to invest ? I’m young but very ambitious

  269. Abhishiak Kumar

    I love you Mr.blackMan 🙂 thank you for the motivation

  270. LEaSy

    How much money to start in stocks????

  271. Fighting Fit

    You just got yourself another subscriber

  272. Elder Cole

    I like your honesty.  The Word Of Yahuah says work is never ending.  You can do anything and be successful with Yahuah’s wisdom.  He gave us wisdom to gain wealth.  You gain wealth by having knowledge and inner standing and over standing.  I free from knocking down someone’s success.  You reap what you sow.

    1. Dan Gray

      then sal might be in trouble

  273. Djellala Make Money Trading Stocks

    you make money from spamming and scamming beginners. when you lie to beginners. you dont invest anything. the skill that you have is to scam beginners. if you stop making people dream of what you said that would be great. be honest and try to do something beneficial for people. stop lying. i am sure you have traded in your life.  good luck

  274. datmpham

    Fat Faced Scammer … There are a lot of scammers out there …and a lot more victims …those are the one that you should feel sorry for … 🙂

  275. Semintra Attride

    Hello, my name is Semintra. I am serious about investing. I have been reading and learning onlline from a couple of investors. I want help and would appreciate if you can email me at I absolutely agree with the facts and points you brought up in college, working, and having assets to pass down to the next generation. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 12/28/2013

    1. JaMarcus Joseph

      +Richard Kaoma can i kindly piggy back off that? 

    2. Richard Kaoma

      +The Small Cap Millionaire kindly send me an e-mail of your contacts. My e-mail address is


      you can learn about the market at howthemarketworksDOTcom

  276. King Richie

    Hey Il come under you’re wing, I live in New York and im 18 and not trying to be like the rest. you can give me your email somehow that will be great i want to learn.

  277. Dameon

    What are the best sites to get started with just a few hundred bucks

    1. JackieNJ1

      +The Small Cap Millionaire Yes, I have TD Ameritrade also but it’s 9.99 per trade (buy AND sell) so make enough to cover the fees.

    2. Dameon

      +The Small Cap Millionaire Thanks! Im gonna try it out. I know nothing about stocks so should I learn anything first? I know thats a stupid question cause I know the answer but what should I study? What is your experience with sites like Cedar financial? I have recently started seeing many youtube videos on Cedar both good and bad. Keep up what your doing and dont let the haters bring you down. 


      TDAmeritrade is the best broker PERIOD. Stocks, bonds, forex etc. All on one screen.

  278. Dameon

    For the comment below i could easily make thousands a month and id live in a trailer or a hotel and drive an old toyota. Maybe the dude is saving his money.

  279. Cashmere xHermes

    Are you willing to teach me how to invest ? I’m young but very ambitious

  280. Lavaris Liver

    I like the video but how do you make $4000 a month but live in an apartment? Would you be in a nice house. This video might be a scam…

    1. sun shine

      What are you smoking man? Your president is a billionaire and lives in apartment.

    2. semaj nameloc

      I agree!!! LOL  I am tired of his “pep talk” already.  I can’t tell you are making this money by the background.

    3. n4woo

      Why waste his money on a house now when he can invest his earnings and have enough for 3 houses

    4. nuster rab

      +King Richie A Jew

    5. King Richie

      Ur a really dumb person Lavaris Carr. Google how Warren Buffet a multi billionaire lives the dude lives in a simple house and has gets some cheap made clothes or Mark Zukerberg who drives a acura and lives in a simple house. Dude ur a scam to even pay attention to.

  281. Beautygurl

    Nice video , do you have any social page we can contact you on?  I got some extra money and I am trying to learn stock trading so I c start investing

  282. Frankie B

    Great video!! I would like to know what website(s) I can practice day trading, please?

  283. Hadrian Oliveira

    beautiful, well said, man. “SCAM” is a term for people that don’t understand the true business of finance

  284. dave gee

    gilead (gild) (tplm) were penny’s .A lot of them maybe but not all. research, research ,research, due diligence

  285. guitarplayer22100


  286. Warren McDonald

    Great video, Thanks!

  287. Simone Bernardo

    still a scam. jk I’m in penny stocks too 🙂

  288. Daryl Ford

    I definitely see what your talking about….some ppl wont believe you even if GOD told them…. If you dont educate yourself you will always be a working sucker !

  289. Ong Xuanzong

    i totally agree!

  290. R Davian

    the higher educational institutions in this country are a scam. true story.


    i like you dude, your an honest and to the point young man, besides, i can respect someone who can tell somebody to –ck off like you did ole’ boy. soon as i get my s-it together i’ll get in touch with you, PEACE

  292. Ebrima Francis

    I like your videos bro… Is there anyway where I can email you to further talk about trading stocks

  293. ProxsimityVirus

    great video. was laid off from a company i loved, threw myself into learning to trade. time to make my dreams come true.

  294. mike swiental

    this guy is right, everyone should learn to trade and invest..i made $6,000 dollars on one trade three weeks ago. working a dead end job is ok, but only if you invest from that paycheck…

  295. OCDwolfMAN

    saving is bullshit. saving for retirement is bullshit. investing and trading is were its at. your either a sheep or a wolf. i rather be the wolf.

  296. stephen

    Ok I want to learn how to trade. You! This guy in the video can you point me in the right direction

  297. Ch3Weh

    Great video. You have a very similar outlook to me dude. Big hello from Liverpool UK


    Suck my cocksucker.


    fuck you bro..dont post here again mafucka


    Dude with that attitude you’ll never get rich. Why waste a year on a job when I can get better at trading and make MORE money as I get better? You trade.. to stop working. Btw, Im going to eclipse over 80k this year if I keep this pace up. Im past 50. Last a trader you’re taxed at capital gains..also if you trade in the hood.. like it do.. you qualify for community development zone credits..where the city actually pays me to keep my business here because I also work under an LLC.

  301. Desmond Lamptey

    hmm, so 4000 a month… 48,000 a year before taxes. you don’t think eventually you’re gonna need more than that to support a family?

    wouldn’t it be smarter to just do both? work and trade?

  302. Goss Samer

    Whats a good penny stock broker. I have Scottrade but they charge $7 commission forcing me to reach for 60-70% gains (small positions/money). I would love to be able to break my orders up into many using L2. What do you guys use?


  303. Prashant Prabhakar

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    A great deal of tenderness, but it was the tenderness of a hospice nurse – of one committed to caring but too familiar with pain and parting to every truly or fully invest.

  304. Billy Kindren

    You’re a Real Idiot aren’t ya?

  305. Billy Kindren

    I guess Wiggers are still around-eh?

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  308. MacKapone

    Give me a call you fraud 323-839-029*

  309. MacKapone

    Deport him back to Nigeria

  310. SasquatchBobby

    Wow, I’m thinking that you and Obama must be Buds! Why? Because You’re Just as Big of an Idiot as he is! Gee, ya got your own Apt? Wow? Is that Section * or is it an actual Real Apt! Let me try and say this as Simple as possible so you understand. You are a Low Information Individual who knows absolutely Nothing about Trading. Zilch! Nada! Nothing! Please if ya want to be a Trader, get ya some EDUCATION and then do a Youtube Video about Trading Penny Stocks! KNUCKLEHEAD!!!

  311. Kainj1000

    What websites do you suggest are the best to learn about day trading.

  312. EndemicGenes

    Pennystock is fraud and this guy is rotting in jail because he we haven;’t heard from him.

  313. ghost rewind

    This guy is right, but penny stocks is still bullshit.

  314. sixxo6

    Yo loved your video dude me and a few friends of mine really want to start getting into penny stocks could we talk on a skype call and give us a few pointers please ?

  315. Hector Maldonado

    sharebuilder but checkout my video

  316. Clau tusoar

    OMGGGGG, your so fucking right on

  317. Christopher S

    What broker is the best for penny stocks, thanks


    I believe he does make some money online but he doesnt admit that most of his NEW money is from selling tapes. If you look at all his students that are really making money..they started with 50k or more. Its a rip off. You cant short penny stocks with anything less than 25k.


    yes i actually agree with you on this one. I met someone who was a member of a company called 5linx..ever heard of it? well he really enlightened me on how big of a scam it is. I’ll be making a video about mlm scams and exposing 5linx.

  320. Breaz26

    People love hate when they see you doing good or succeeding at something they can’t or don’t want to work for. If it works for you and not for me then it’s a SCAM!!! Lazy People!!

  321. Dre C.

    i just opened my brokerage account today but im not gona start trading yet but can you p.m. i need ya email bro…


    man if I couldve started seriously reading about finance just 20 min a day at your age I wouldve been a millionaire by 18. Good to see you starting early.

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