Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrencies Work

Whether or not it’s worth investing in, the math behind Bitcoin is an elegant solution to some complex problems.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

Special Thanks: Dalton Hubble

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    i still dont get the security system. private key? public key? what exactly are those and how can i be sure my private key cant be stolen? can someone explain please? 🙂

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    But wait. If miners stop pursuing this as the Bitcoin rewards drop and their electricity bills skyrocket, and Bitcoin needs miners to solve chains to make transactions, isn’t it likely to collapse on itself? I get that if the perceived value of bitcoins keeps raising, then the small amount of bitcoins earned is still worth more, but if it isn’t, the whole system could crash?

    1. SAL

      Actually, the miner reward will transition from newly generated coins to transaction fees, so miners will still be paid plenty.

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    1. SAL

      miners will still continue to mine because they would still get paid from transaction fees – basically, if people continue to want to use it, then it will keep working.

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    I get how it works now. Still don’t get why that’s worthy. Because of rarity? Rarity is only one consideration for establishing worth. Being of material quality and diverse in possible uses are other equally important measures (alongside things like near universal baser instinct desirability). I can still wipe my ass with a dollar bill if everything goes under tomorrow. considering it’s made of linen and cotton I could even bleach it and use it as note paper, patches for clothing, filters, or bandages. Heck even just as is, if rolled tight enough it would make a decent smolder stick, or if shredded good fire starter. Coin metal can be useful as well. You can make wet pile batteries with coins. Improvised small blades and tools as well. Even just as alloys which you know the exact composition of they are useful in recycling for new products.

    With actual money you have the faith in a governments ability to make good on it’s value (at least in theory) as well. And deeply ingrained dependency. With the US dollar for instance it’s the world reserve for a good chunk of the world (the currency that backs other currencies). And plenty of currencies are pegged directly to it. So it’s in everyone’s best interest to uphold it’s value as much as possible for as long as possible.

    But cryptocrrency usefulness goes out the window when the lights go out. I mean perhaps in a fully technologically adapted world where there is near 0% chance of catastrophic and global failure this might work long term. But power outs are a regular thing in a lot of places. And remember we still are not any where near prepared globally for a big solar flare (which we cannot predict with any where near enough accuracy to be safe from the trillions of dollars of damage to infrastructure one would do).

    15 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to conceive of an objectively worse type of currency than fiat currency. But someone actually found a way. That’s impressive. I mean hell make money at it if you can while you can. More power to you on that. But don’t let yourself become deluded regarding the stability of such a system and do something as asinine as investing the entirety of your financial future in it. Not saying cryptography isn’t useful or that this isn’t an interesting idea (perhaps it could be used as a regulatory device for the issuance of actual money on a larger scale). It just has no inherit worth. Which makes it extremely volatile.

    1. TheHelleri

      Reaching global accessibility is not something that fixing its inherit shortcomings alone achieves. One would have to go beyond that and bring about global adoption in broadband. Which is at least 100’s of millions in new infrastructure in places with little demand for it alone.

      On top of that the value of cryptocurrencies are artificially inflated by the act of obtaining them. In order to get all the coins you have to have the biggest best and most expensive setup to increase your odds of getting to a solution first. Which means you can sell them for less than a certain amount. After the initial sale of a newly validated coin there is nothing propping up the value of it anymore. So what you’re going to get is an initial boom. One that favors those who have the most to spend on it to begin with. Once the dust has settled on that it’s going to crash.

      Either big corporations will get in on it and reduce initial cost by applying machine learning. Or the little guys will keep chipping away at it until they hit the upper limit and it all comes crashing down on top of them. But have big corporations gotten in on this game (honest question)? If not it’s probably because they realize it’s not worth dumping a lot into given it could fall at any time. An if so they will soon corner the market on it. Either way it erodes the core. Lack of big interest helps destroy what it’s meant to be and so does big interest. It’s a no win.

    2. F. Exprt

      You don’t get the whole picture. 100’s of Billion tax dollars stolen by banks and unable to be tracked during the past recession and nobody paid the price. 2.9 TRILLION WAS MISSING BEFORE THE THIRD PLANE ON 9/11 hit the account office of the Pentagon and they can’t trace it. Money became worthless during every major war. Inflation gradually lowers any currencies value, interest rates, fees etc etc etc. Main point is that each centralized body like the USA controls, manipulates, cheats, and social security funds might not exist when I get old. ALL of that is whipped out with an idea like bitcoin. Cheating not possible, value will eventually stabilize IF IT REACHES THE POINT TO BE USED all over the world. However taking the billions of fees away from banks, accounts, and control of governments and basically the rich getting richer etc etc might create big world enemies to bitcoin and that is the only concern. For now it will not go anywhere. We are already in a bitcoin world. Many countries use actual money less than 10% today. It is just numbers in your account but the only difference is that a bank/country or countries oversee it and manipulate it. So the only difference to bitcoin is that you take away the power banks/countries have to all of a sudden make your money disappear like when during last recession millions of people lost most of their pensions and bubbles that can create things like the Great Depression are no longer a risk. But rich people and people/organizations in power keep pushing the money manipulation and would hate to lose that power. Get it. ?

    3. TheHelleri

      While you can’t send a piece of gold to someone instantly. You can send them money. And you can do it faster than the transaction speed of bitcoin. The idea is flawed not only for a bitcoin having no inherit value. But because it’s too slow. That slow transaction speed (about 1 per second vs. 1000 per second) is an intrinsic quality that can’t really be changed. Even if it gets a lot faster so will normal transactions at the same or greater pace. So it will always be lagging far behind what is an acceptable rate of transfer. Even if you can get past that problem there is still the issue of mass availability. Which isn’t down to popularity as much as it is lack of infrastructure in many areas of the world. Areas of the world that can still accept wire transfers (which as the most basic and low rent way of sending money digitally is still faster than bitcoin).

      Even if it manages to move beyond all it’s major deficits (any one of which is a deal breaker for most of the world). Eventually will come regulation if it sticks around long enough. That and major corporations taking interest in it will raise the bar for entry so high that this decentralized currency will then become privatized currency. If big corporations get on it (given that anyone with the seed money can technically get in on it). they won’t even waste time on employees to mine it. They will toss that task over to machine learning. Bots will get good enough at logging fast enough that it will cut the human element out of it entirely.

    4. Atdhe Shala

      Bitcoin’s ‘value’ comes from the fact that you can easily store ‘value’ in it. Maybe not right now because of how volatile it is, but you can’t fake BTC, or print BTC federal reserve style. And there’s only ever going to be around 21m total.

      And Bitcoin’s other killer-attribute is that you can send it to anyone in the world via a computer just like that. Can you send a piece of gold to someone from Europe to Australia in a matter of seconds? I don’t think so.

      Bitcoin is plagued by a lot of problems right now, and I can’t really say what its future holds personally, but the idea of the Blockchian and Cryptocurrencies in general is here to stay.

    5. TheHelleri

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    2. Lexy Starwatcher

      That sounds even worse, it discourages people from using it. Why would I use it if there is a built in transaction fee when I can just give the person cash?

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    1. Frank Heck

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    2. Feynstein 100

      Ah that is possible but since bitcoin isn’t centralized, who would be responsible for paying the miners? This sounds very similar to communism and there’s a reason communism doesn’t work.

    3. Woke Watch

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      LN is on testnet and working. The first mainnet version is being worked on already. You’ll be seeing LN on mainnet in the first half of 2018.

      Anyway, there are a lot of expensive useless things that are way more mainstream than bitcoin. Like designer bags, diamonds, fine art and your mom.

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    1. roger sherer

      No the internet doe’s not need to be shut down to change the iformation there in. The topic is about who controls the internet grid , which symbolize the fear of the banks that controls the physical money. Look at it from a wider view not only because of convenience sake . Just like the physical money there is no gold to back it up anymore but at least we can hold the proof that it is ours. The banking system has been controling the printing of our money . Much of us does not realize what power is that that has been given to these bankers, ” THE FEDERAL RESERVE ” . Try to study on this topic you’ll understand what i mean. The control the flow of the monetary system, that controls the economy. Meaning it is there choice who should be rich or poor. Sorry but this is a vast subject you half to go in your own to research in. Now back to our topic, now think about this if they can control the monetary system with the physical evidence . How much do you think they can do with just bitcoins in an abstract form. Man I’m not against it but “EVIL” has no bounds…..

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    1. Sheila Bailey

      First of all Miner still mine bitcoin but this will end once all 21 million BTC have been mined, there will never be any new bitcoins. When this happens users of bitcoin will trade their bitcoins which is more stable and higher in volume and with lower transaction fees. Now owning a mine is going to take a lot of time,money and power(electricity which the cost can make up 90-95% of total ongoing mining costs) and the more there are mining networks,the more miners find it difficult to mine. They are other ways of going about this, that is investing in companies that mines and getting your investment profits daily. Mail me let’s talk more

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    The UK is already working towards this by introducing horrible plastic banknotes. Plastic notes stick together if new so you can accidentally hand over 2 notes thinking they’re just 1. They crease/crinkle so the take up more space than they should. They melt – the old paper/cloth notes could be iron if you really like neat crisp money. A lot of people call the new plastic notes monopoly money.
    The only thing good about them is they take years to rot: but then again, I don’t know how U.V. affects them.
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    1. Woke Watch

      If you are looking long term, either of them is just as good as the other. However, ethereum has mass adoption and many other coins/programs riding on it. As of now, litecoin is just the cheaper version of bitcoin. IMO this makes ethereum a better better buy, but every currency will go up a lot so just pick one you like.

    2. hasan baig

      That is generally how bubbles work. He is making a great return now but when the bubble bursts he may lose even his original investment.

    3. Maron Smith

      hasan baig I agree that its worth what people say its worth, however that is fiat today that we use. Its backed by full faith and credit of the people. I would say that bitcoin and all coins are backed by the money people put behind it and generate a good return on investment) from the lack of supply and the demand that drives the money cost of the coin up. I would say just find the right time to pull out and invest into something that is tangeable that would keep money flowing in. And my brother in-law has put $100 into bitcoin earlier this year and has seen a huge % increase on that investment.

    4. hasan baig

      Yes and no. Assuming that it does not burst until all of the supply is used up. It will burst then. However, what is much more likely is a market correction. Something like 90% of all Bitcoins are owned by 3% of Bitcoin addresses. This is not sustainable. Also, the market cap is ~$300 billion. Without much practical use as a currency, it’s value is based solely on what people say it is worth. If it does get used as a currency. The early buyers will be spending their Bitcoins on goods and services and the value will drop significantly. Cryptocurrencies in general are not worth investing in – they are too volatile and do not have any backing or any intrinsic value.

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    Last support update in 2015
    I doubt it

  469. Ryan Cioffi

    One question though. If miners get paid for keeping the ledgers running and updated, what will happen when the maximum of bitcoin payouts are reached? wouldn’t people stop mining and eventually the system will no longer have miners to keep it updated?

    1. Ryan Cioffi

      Who are the users? O.o Because it seems quite possible that in the near future governments will find a way to own and control it.

    2. SAL

      The code (open source code that is 100% available for anyone/everyone to verify/review) was initially developed by the inventor – and it is run by the USERS. basically, the users are the ones controlling it today. Some people think miners control it, but really, miners are just workers for the network (they follow the rules set by the users). The math “puzzle” that miners solve is just a competition to ensure energy is being put toward the security of the network – i would suggest first watching Andreas Antonopoulos youtube videos before going in the “depths”. I would also suggest you read the bitcoin whitepaper – it is only about 8 pages long.

    3. Ryan Cioffi

      Is there any information on the whole technical part of the crypto currency ? That goes into the serious depth of the mathematical equation

    4. Ryan Cioffi

      Wow thanks for the info. It sort of makes sense.. But what’s controlling it? who says what it does? or was it all planned ahead by the creators? What happens if for any reason the whole network fails?

    5. SAL

      The miners get paid with transaction fees. Today their reward is 80% new coins 20% transactions fees. In the future, transaction fees will take over as the main incentive to mine.

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    1. SAL

      Hobbyist. I’ve been reading alot about bitcoin and related technologies for several years now.

    2. Dark Side

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    4. Karan Vito

      Man i still dont get it… suppose.. my city mayor asks me to develop a crypto currency for some purpose and being a coder i take the repository from github of bitcoin and start modifying it as per the requirements.. now what will i have to do so it would be just as valuable as £ ? I mean.. i just made a currency now how will i add value to it so it could be traded with real £?

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    1. SAL

      The problem you describe is called inflation, but that isn’t a problem with bitcoin, because bitcoins are limited in supply (only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist).

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    1. SAL

      is only “very vulnerable to hacking” if you are a complete noob with computer security. The prospect of replacing banks with an internet protocol is NEVER boring.

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    1. Russell Hopson

      Thanks, starting to understand it now

    2. SAL

      You can obtain bitcoin by trading government currencies, or you can obtain it by selling goods/services. as for mining, it is a process of putting your computer hardware to work for the network.

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